Eventful March, 2018

March Madness doesn’t even begin to describe the true whirlwind of the past few weeks. Purple Porcupine earned a feature on NH Chronicle, WMUR (March 9th)! The incredible experience is overwhelming confirmation of the hard work and passion poured into my artwork. You can see the six minute feature by following the link below.

Ukrainian Immigrant makes Art in New Hampshire

I also added a number of new prints to my shop, and plan to expand it dramatically over the next few months.

And just this past weekend, our successful fundraiser for Live and Let Live Farm Rescue nearly doubled what we made last year!

To add icing on the cake, I also started working on collaborative exhibit: Threatened & Endangered NH Species. My friend and I plan to put on a show late fall, 2018, and now actively working on this project and looking for just the right venue to exhibit.

Art Show: All the Creatures Big and Small (March 24th, 2018)


All the Creatures, Big and Small, Art Show exhibit, 2017

I’m an artist, which means I solve problems using art. And when a year ago I took a tour of Live and Let Live Farm Rescue, located in Chichester, NH, I felt compelled to help this beautiful organization. Undoubtedly, their expenses are high, and their hearts are big. So, how do you help, when all you know is how to wave paintbrushes? You organize an art show, of course!

Wild Woman Wellness Center, kindly offered their space; volunteers provided snacks for the artist reception, the community showed up, and even though snow storm tried to sabotage our plans, we still raised $1,000 to help care for the creatures, big and small.

This year, the interest from the artist community is already overwhelming. The location is secured (Wild Woman Wellness Center is welcoming us, once again!), and the buzz around the art show is in the air! You can follow this CALL TO ARTISTS on our facebook page here.

And, of course, If you are interested in participating in the art show, please download, fill out and submit the following form by March 15th. Hope to hear from you soon!

Every Creature Big and Small Artist Registration Form

Embracing Winter Watercolor

I sit and stare out the window at my snow covered yard, and can’t look away. I love the serenity of color scheme that come with cold and stormy days. This piece will likely end up in Audubon show by next week, in Auburn. Come and visit!

All the Folk Art Inspirations

Couple of years ago I went through a folk art stage. Guess what? It’s back! Amherst Village Tree Lighting (9×12) original is already sold,

But this Portsmouth Market Square is available! More to come, with Bedford, Milford, and other local towns on my list.