My deer friend…

A doe had twins in out yard last year. Since then, the family of three would visit on and off, and these days, they come by one at a time. One of the two yearlings I named Martha, and she did her morning stroll through my garden this morning. The magic of it all, is that instead of running off, the young deer approached me and stood only about ten feet away, watching me watch her. 

We are expanding: Art Center in Bedford, NH

Yes, you must have heard by now that new space has been secured in Bedford, NH on 101 and pending renovations, Purple Porcupine Art Center will be opening by the end of summer, 2017.


Get excited!

Fine art classes (oil, watercolor, acrylic), as well as urban sketching and mixed media, pottery, sewing, yarn craft and even digital art classes will all be part of the offering. You will be able to book art retreats to beautiful locations throughout New England with established artist professionals. Opportunities galore!

The website, just like the building, will be getting an updated look. You will be able to view and sign up for every class and workshop offering online, read bios for each one of the instructors at the center, and view examples of beautiful artwork composed by both, faculty and the students.

I can’t wait to see you at the Art Center!

Two colors make porcupine…

Purple Porcupine

Recently discovered Jane Davenport’s mermaid markers (watersoluble inks!), and I can’t. get. enough. I purchased three sets from Michael’s (one in store and two online), because they are prone to running out of them. I think I should have enough to last me a little while. They certainly won’t go to waste…