My deer friend…

A doe had twins in out yard last year. Since then, the family of three would visit on and off, and these days, they come by one at a time. One of the two yearlings I named Martha, and she did her morning stroll through my garden this morning. The magic of it all, is that instead of running off, the young deer approached me and stood only about ten feet away, watching me watch her. 


Watercolor, Acrylics, Mixed Media and Outdoor Sessions! Take your pick, and sign up now. Only four students per class. All classes are held at a private studio in Bedford, NH. All materials are provided.

To sign up, call 978-828-0091, or e-mail:


Art Weekly – Adult Class (15 y.o. and up): Mondays at 5:30-7:00pm.  Cost: $30.00 per class,  or $108.00 for four sessions prepaid.  Class size is limited to four students.

Art Weekly – Kids Class (10-14 y.o.): Wednesdays 5:30-7:30pm. Age: 10 and up. Cost: $30.00 per class,  or $108.00 for four sessions prepaid.  Class size is limited to four students.

wp-image-89915134jpg.jpegArt Weekly – Little Ones (5-9 y.o.): Tuesdays: 4:15-5:15pm; Wednesday at 9:30-10:30am; Thursdays: 4:30-5:30. Cost: $25.00 per class, or $80.00 for four sessions prepaid. Class is limited to four students.

Art Journaling for Homeschoolers: Language Arts and Visual Art come together in Art Journaling class. We explore different ways of expressing ourselves on paper, be it reflecting on a reading passage, taking notes as a learning experience, or writing down our own thoughts.  Creativity has many forms, and students discover how to combine words and color to create a beautiful record of their knowledge and ideas. Age: 10 and up. Cost: $120.00 for four sessions. Class sessions are limited to four students.img_20160827_143358.jpg

Private Lessons: If the schedule above doesn’t work for you, but you still would like to take classes, contact me to set up private lesson! $35.00 per class, or $130.00 for four sessions prepaid.

Outdoor Sessions: Tuesday and Sunday mornings we’ll be holding outdoor painting sessions in scenic location! If you would like to join us painting the waves at Wallis Sands, sketching the streets of Portsmouth, or setting up our easels in a farm field, let me know. Have a place in mind? Contact me to set up your sessions. Outdoor lessons are limited to five students per class. All materials are provided. Age: 10 and up. Cost: $40.00 per session, or $145.00 for four sessions prepaid.img_20160723_113743.jpg

Yellow skies and tall ships

I spent this morning in Portsmouth,  NH,  admiring the tall ships and dreaming of the high seas!  Just kidding.  I’m petrified of open waters.

Ready to join me for the next outdoor workshop on dry land? Contact me to schedule your session! All materials are provided.  $40 per person.