“Lyuda is a great teacher. She encourages while you explore. She gives direction, but isn’t overbearing. I had a lovely evening in her painting with coffee class and can’t even stop recommending her. She’s fantastic! I also encourage you to check out her artwork. It’s stunning!”

~Kitty Freeman

“I just returned from the most amazing weekend at the artist’s retreat at the Mt. Washington Hotel & Resort. First let me say that I have never held a brush before this weekend. Acrylics and watercolor were unexplored territory for me. I was totally comfortable in the group as a novice, and by the end of the weekend, I had painted two acrylics and two watercolors that I am very proud of. Lyudmyla gave enough instruction to get me started, plus provided the materials, but also gave me the support and confidence to experience the art forms on my own without too much direction…”

~Christi Scarpino


“Lyudmila created a beautiful ink and watercolor painting from one of my favorite places to visit in Europe. I can’t wait to hang it on my wall!”

Karin Pillion


“Lyuda’s love for art, nature, and children is evident the moment you walk through the door. Our 2 five year olds were there this morning for some nature exploration, and art. In their own words, “It was awesome!!” Lyuda was extremely accommodating with the children’s differences (one is all boy, the other all girl) and let them be creative while guiding them in the right direction. Her years as a classroom teacher, paired with her artistic style and creativity are a perfect recipe for a wonderful artistic experience. I Highly recommend Purple Porcupine Studio for all ages! We will be back!”

~Debbie Calkin


“Thanks to Lyudmyla, I now have a GORGEOUS painting of the Amherst Town Library! It’s the perfect tribute to the wonderful hours spent there with my son, playing with trains, listening to story time and singing songs. It’s already a favorite in our home. Now I have to think of what else I want her to capture!! It’s truly stunning.”

~Chelsey Zwicker


What a wonderful time painting outside, surrounded by rivers and mountains, with Luda’s careful and expert guidance! It was obvious how much thought and planning went into the whole experience. Thank you, Luda!

~Jill Slocum