Interview with an artist: Aline Lotter

As I sit with Aline Lotter in her studio in Mancherster, one cannot doubt that this is a living space of an artist, with a paints’ pouch in the back of the room, artwork purchased from other talents on the walls, and an unfinished portrait waiting on the easel. Five cats express varying degree of curiosity, watching our conversation unfold.

What was your path to the life of an artist?


Coast Guard Station, oil

From making paper dolls and attending art club as a child, I always enjoyed art. But I didn’t pursue it until much later. I was a housewife, then earned my degree as a lawyer and that was part of my career path, until a few years ago. I took a course at New Hampshire Institute of Art with my granddaughter. She’s very talented, but a little shy. The rest is history.

What subjects inspire you?

I love working on location on landscapes, and often join the outings with the local plein air group. But I also enjoy portraiture and figure painting. We have a group that works with a model and meets regularly just for this reason. For a period of time, I also explored floral arrangements, although, not quite as in depth as I would have liked. Overall, I’d say working outdoors on a figure in a garden setting is one of my favorite things to do, and in general, much prefer working from life, rather than a photograph.

What media do you favor?


John Brown, the Gardener, oil

I paint mostly with oils and draw with charcoal. I briefly experimented with acrylics. Oils remain my favorite.

What was the best acknowledgement of your skill that you’ve ever received?

I was proud to have been accepted to be part of the show at the museum with my lab painting, “Sparkle.” It was part of the exhibit at Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Art Center in Dowell, MD. And, of course, I felt quite accomplished when Don Stone juried an exhibit at Rockport Art Association, and accepted my artwork.

Do you offer classes, workshops, or work on commissions?

Most of my commissions are pet portraits, and of course, my artwork is for sale and can be purchased at a number of locations. I don’t teach classes, because I would find it personally a challenge to separate my style from teaching the skill itself.

Do you have any current exhibits or shows coming up?


Margaret and Her Nook, oil

I’m on display at Massabessic Audubon Society with two other artists, and have an ongoing display at the Bartlett Inn, and looking forward to the Inspirations exhibit at Pease Library in Plymouth, as well as Alumni exhibit at Cornell University. Lastly, on June 22nd, I also have the opening for the Petals to Paint event coming up at La Belle Winery, in Amherst, NH.

If someone would like to reach out to you to place a commission or inquire about purchasing one of your a pieces, what is the best way to contact you? 


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