Interview with an artist: Jay Jackson

I’m always impressed with the work of an artist who uses a media unfamiliar to me. Jay Jackson has mastered the art of airbrushing, and created an impressive portfolio of work that demonstrated clarity and detail. It’s been a pleasure getting to know him, and I welcome you to follow his work by subscribing to his professional Facebook page using the link at the end of this interview.
1. I know most artists say they’ve been drawing and sketching since they were little. Does that reflect your story? When did you become an artist?
Yes that definitely reflects my story. I’ve been drawing since I can remember. My family always pushed me to draw. I think every Christmas I always got something having to do with art. But I think it was in high school when I began considering myself becoming an artist. That’s really where I learned the most about art and had the pleasure to learn from an incredible teacher and a great person, Tonie Canales.
2. What mediums have you experimented with? What is your favorite?
I’ve experimented with pretty much every medium for the most part, but I definitely excel at airbrushing compared to my skills in other mediums. However lately I’ve been mixing in watercolor and colored pencil with my airbrush work. They seen to go well together.jayjackson2
3. I know that you address a variety of subjects when you create. What is your favorite?
I really enjoy doing portraits. There’s something about capturing a “look” an being able to translate it to canvas that gives me a sense of accomplishment more than any other subject.
4. Many artists go through stages when they favor a certain medium or topic. What stage are you in now?
Lately I’ve really been focused on wildlife. I really feel like when you look into the eyes of any living creature you can see something a little deeper than what’s on the surface, so I always try to capture that in my paintings.
jayjackson35. What is the best acknowledgement as an artist have you ever received? Has there been a particular award, show, or a comment that made you feel accomplished?
I actually had a painting hanging in the capital building in Austin, TX when I was in high school and got to meet Laura Bush.  That was pretty exciting.
6. Do you have any exhibits or shows coming up?
I just attended Summerfest in Wilton, but plan to make a showing at as many art shows as I can this year. Nothing is set on the schedule yet, but I’m definitely feeling motivated to keep pushing my art out there.jayjackson1
7. How do you connect with the community of artists?
I use Facebook and really just go by word of mouth. I’m part of the Riverview Mill in Wilton, which is a great little community of artists. A lot of talent there and very supportive people.
8. What advice can you give to anyone considering career path in the arts?
Keep pushing your boundaries and stay focused on what you love to do as an artist. A degree helps too, if you really want to be a career artist.
9. Do you offer classes or workshops?
I have been considering doing classes. I haven’t done any yet, but it’s definitely in the works for the future.
10. How can someone get in touch with your, if they would like to place a commission or visit your studio?
I’m at the Riverview Mill in Wilton, 2nd floor, studio 14. I’m also on Facebook, of course, and my email is

One thought on “Interview with an artist: Jay Jackson

  1. Larry Jackson says:

    Great interview and writeup. Thanks for all you do Lyuda. Hope we can visit again when we come back. Jay has always been talented and comes by it honestly.


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